The Mozartini Orchestra Rock Highpoint

Mozartini Orchestra at Higpoint Shopping Centre. Youngest muisicans Kristine Marasigan (piano 4 years old) and Talia Capitanio (violin 4 years old).

On the 8th of August, the Mozartini Orchestra performed two shows in front of a delighted audience on centre stage at Highpoint Shopping Centre. The audience was wowed with their renditions of ABC, I want you back and Tik Tok and the children’s confidence soared with all of the applause. During this concert we saw the debut of two young guitarists, brothers, Patrick and Cameron Johns. They did a fantastic job and we can look forward to more guitarists joining the orchestra in future performances.

Mozartini Orchestra at W atergardens Shopping Centre participating in the annual Santa Parade

On the 13th of November the AKA was invited to participate in the annual Santa Parade at Watergardens Shopping Centre. The children had an amazing time parading around Watergadens along with Santa Clause. It was only due to poor weather that the outdoor Mozartini Orchestra Performance was cancelled. The AKA will be back next year and hopefully the weather will be on our side.



All students that learn a musical instrument need to study music theory. It is recommended that once students have completed their preliminary music exam they begin their studies in music theory, as it provides students with a greater understanding in the music they are learning and in the comprehension of musical notation. To book your music theory class for 2011 speak to your teacher or call our office on 9310 9532.

3 to 5 years of age

One of the most frequent questions the Academy receive from parents is:

“At what age can my child start to learn the piano and violin?”

A. 3 years old. The Academy is proud to be able to provide the opportunity for all in the community to experience learning music. From our Children & Teenage Piano-GuitarViolin programs and Adult Piano-Guitar programs the Academy have a dedicated music program for pre-schoolers aged between 3-5 years of age.

Piano & Violin For Little Mozarts.

Our program is the only kind in Australia which includes the opportunity for students to perform in the Mozartini Orchestra, “Australia’s Youngest Children’s Orchestra”.

For further information call our office on 9310 9532.


Congratulations to 2010 Junior Student of the year Olivera Crngarov and the 2010 Senior Student Michaela Duma. Both students have demonstrated ongoing commitment and dedication to their music studies. There were six students who earned an award for Most Outstanding Student of the Year and all have consistently worked hard and shown outstanding development and progress. Congratulations to Lauren Letoille, Renee D’Souza, Ethan Cornwill, Joshua Macchuca, Joskun Celebioglu and Jeslin Johnson. Overall, we would like to congratulate all the students at the Australian Keyboard Academy for a rewarding year of music learning.

Congratulations to all of the students who completed their music exams in 2010.

Malith Fernando Benson Jong Olivia Capitanio
Wayne Schowalter Rohan Jacob Sean Fenech
Xuanson On Monica Mikhail Dylan Nguyen
Janelle-Ann MendozaVanessa Liao Ethan Cornwill
Tanya Maturi Charlyze Raimundo Mina Mickhail
Jane Ho Jessica Crngarov Ly Thi Nguyen
Lauren LetoilleAthalia Munsamy Vince Gigliuto
Tamara Curmi Michica Tofinga Mary Kadar
Joanna Reyes Hazel TanJoshua Machuca
Rebecca GaleaTeodora Panova Michelle Barba
Jeslin Johnson Jeremy Boland Ishanka Fernando
Natali Coric Monique Dennehy Sara Draca
Rebecca GaleaTania AndradeJarrod Eeles
Michaela Duma Olivera Crngarov Gabrielle Fetalvero
Joskun Celebioglu Michelle Phan Emily Phan
Renee D’Souza


The most significant trend in musical education today is the rapid growth of mature age persons learning a musical instrument. Many adults feel some apprehension at the aspect of learning music, however after the first lesson the old cliché “I’m too old to learn” is forgotten. It is a fact that adults learn more thoroughly than children do (slower maybe) but retain the knowledge longer. Research tells us that activities such as learning and playing music (piano for example) helps keep our minds active and shows improvement in overall health. The effect on older people particularly in group piano and guitar classes has a positive effect on the ability to cope with the stress of retirement and older age. The Australian Keyboard Academy adult piano and guitar programs provide a supportive environment, a shared responsibility for learning and a social network for other like-minded individuals. Further details call our office on 9310 9532.


2010 Total $1,800.00

Grand Total $10,451.00

Thank you to all involved with the 2010 fundraising concerts. From both concerts a total of $1,800.00 was raised in 2010 and a grand total of $10,451.00 has been donated to charity since 2007. This is an outstanding effort. Congratulations to all the performers and I look forward to your performance in the 2011 concerts. The next fundraising concert is scheduled for the 3rd April 2011 for the Good Friday Appeal. Contact our office to register on 9310 9532.

AKA Students Live at Etihad Stadium with Reporter Mr John Deeks part of the Good Friday Appeal 2010