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About Us

Why was the Music Education Academy created?

The Music Education Academy (Formerly Australian Keyboard Academy) was created by Lorenzo Capitanio to provide expert tuition in music education and to improve the quality of music education in the private sector.

Central to the Music Education Academy’s (MEA) philosophy is creating music. A curriculum that engages students through activities involving ensemble performance, composition, improvisation and working with music technology. The Music Education Academy’s view is echoed in the 2005 National Review of Music Education reporting that not enough is being done to promote music creativity, composition, improvisation and music technology in Australian Schools. The review continues to state that, “it is possible that students may progress through the different levels of achievement without ever having a truly creative musical experience that a student may call his or her own” (Pascoe et al; 2005:47).

The MEA is extremely passionate about promoting a creative music education of the highest standard for all Australian children and raising the status of music education in the private sector and within Australian schools.

Lorenzo Capitanio has dedicated more than half his life to the study of music and it has been a life long dream of Lorenzo to establish his own music Academy. The MEA is truly the fruits of his labour. Lorenzo has experienced and understands the profound influence music can make to a child’s life and his goal is for all in the community regardless of their socio-economic circumstances to have access and the opportunity to learn music, and to experience the joy in creating music.

Lorenzo is very excited about the MEA and invites everyone to come and experience the creative world of music.

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