Piano, Keyboard & Organ Music Educaiton

Welcome to the first edition of the Australian Keyboard Academy newsletter. We hope you find this newsletter informative and enjoyable and look forward to a long and enjoyable association with you, sharing our love and passion for piano-keyboard music education.

At the Australian Keyboard Academy we are excited and passionate about piano-keyboard music education and committed to providing the highest standard of music   education for all. Our common belief is that all in the community should have access to  quality music education. Our ambition is to support  and promote a greater awareness in the benefits of a creative music education program in Australian schools and the community, and to improve the quality of music education in the private sector.

The mission of the Australian Keyboard Academy is to foster excellence and innovation in piano-keyboard music education; to enrich the lives of our students through music creativity, composition, improvisation, and music technology; to   promote the benefits of music in the community; and provide the opportunity for all in the community to learn music.

Students can select from a range of subject areas; piano, keyboard, organ, music theory, composition, VCE Music, music technology (Sibelius), and have the option of group or private tuition.

Short courses are also available for individuals interested in the above subject areas.

Tuition may commence as early as five years of age through to adult learners.

The Australian Keyboard Academy also provide specialised tuition for VCE music students and professional development courses and seminars for   Primary and Secondary music teachers.

If you would like further information about our music     programs please contact our office on (03) 9310 9532.

12 Great reasons to join our program

1. Students develop to their fullest potential

2. Our exclusive EKCOI Philosophy

3. Access to professional music teachers and resources

4. Compose, improvise and create music

5. Record an end of year CD

6. Multi-level Achievement Program

7. Mid-semester and end of year reports

8. Study music theory, sing in solfege and ear-training

9. Learn all styles of music, perform with other musicians & singers

10. Personalised books and enriched activities

11. Learn practice techniques and musicianship skills

12. Access to performance opportunities

Australian Keyboard Academy
Establishes Internet Presence!


The Australian Keyboard Academy is excited to announce the launch of our website. In its first month, the auskeyboardacademy.com.au received over 1000 visitors.

The academy is fast developing a reputation as a leading private provider for piano-keyboard, music education.

Our website is a one-stop information centre for all interested in piano-keyboard music education and developments in music pedagogy.

The goal of the Australian Keyboard Academy website is to celebrate excellence and innovation in piano-keyboard education; and promote a greater awareness in the benefits of a creative music education program in Australian schools.

Here’s what some of our visitors have said:

“Magnificent and most impressive website”.

“Presents superbly – one of the best music teaching websites on the net, especially in Australia”.

“Smooth and fast flow through pages and links. You have thought of     everything important”.

See why the Australian Keyboard Academy website is fast becoming the No.1 site for piano-keyboard music education in Australia.

EKCOI™ Philosophy and Multi-Level Achievement Program


‘surpassing merit’

We adopt contemporary learning theories and modern music teaching innovations to accommodate different learning styles, so students excel in piano-keyboard performance.


‘is research, understanding and experience’

Study all music has to offer, by way of music theory, music  history, solfege, VCE Music and ear-training.


‘extend beyond your imagination’

Music is a creative art. It is through composing and improvisation that genuine musical   understanding is developed and comprehended.


‘extend beyond your imagination’

Music is a creative art. It is through composing and improvisation that genuine musical   understanding is developed and comprehended.


‘a driving force’

Students require opportunities to excel and grow. Students are encouraged to participate in concerts, external examinations and competitions.


‘new ideas’

We are committed to responding to new trends in music education and making continual    improvements to our products and services. Students benefit from our EKCOI™ philosophy, Multi-Level Achievement      Program, CD recording, and music technology.

The Australian Keyboard Academy is committed to  Excellence, Knowledge, Creativity, Opportunity, and Innovation (EKCOI™) in music education.

The EKCOI™ philosophy is innovative and sets new boundaries in piano-keyboard education.  The core aim of the EKCOI™ philosophy is to  promote and encourage creativity in music.

We understand and acknowledge that each student has different  learning needs and that a “one size fits all” syllabus is restrictive. The EKCOI™  philosophy provides a framework approach and the capacity for teachers to develop syllabi and curriculums that focus specifically on individual student learning and interests.

Important to the EKCOI™ philosophy is to engage all  students, regardless of their musical ability to learn and create music.

Our Multi-Level Achievement Program provides students with a clear indication of their   progress and expectations.

The program is progressive, exciting, offers a breadth of challenges at each lesson for students, and most of all it’s fun! The program extends  beyond the traditional piano-keyboard class such that    students learn other  important aspects in musical comprehension and creativity.

Students are taught music  composition, improvisation, music theory, ear-training, musicianship skills, sing in solfège, score reading, music appreciation, music technology, and all students record an end of year CD. All students are encouraged to participate in concerts, external music examinations, and competitions.

For further information about our EKCOI™ philosophy and Multi-Level Achievement Program contact our office on (03) 9310 9532 or visit our website: www.auskeyboardacademy.com.au

“We are committed to providing the highest standard of music education”

“The supreme art of the teacher is to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge”
Albert Einstein

Study VCE MUSIC at the Australian Keyboard Academy

The Australian Keyboard Academy has had outstanding results with students undertaking their VCE music examinations.

We provide group and private tuition and short courses in VCE Music.

Our programs prepare students for VCE Music Styles and Solo Performance. Analytical  approaches are discussed in relation to texture form, melodic development, harmony, and music elements.

Discussion includes music creativity, composition and music technology within the frameworks of the VCE outcomes.

Students learn practice and study techniques and are prepared for auditions and interviews for entry into University and TAFE music courses.

If you are currently undertaking VCE Music or plan to in the future, call the Australian Keyboard Academy to discuss how we can help you. Visit our website for free resources relating to VCE Music.


Did You Know?

  • The piano originated in Florence around 1710 by Bartolommeo Christofori.
  • Johann Sebastian Bach had 20 children.
  • Bach and Handel were born in the same year 1685.
  • Mozart died at the age of 35 and some historians suggest he was poisoned.
  • The first recording of music was in 1915.
  • The hand of pianist Sergei Rachmaninov was able to cover the interval of a thirteenth on the keyboard, that’s approximately the length of a 30cm ruler.
  • By 1985 The Beatles had sold over one billion records worldwide.
  • Mozart’s first composition was written when he was just five years old and by six be could play the piano blindfolded with his hands crossed over one another.

Learn Sibelius

Sibelius has fast become the worlds most popular music  notation program.

The Australian Keyboard Academy provides specialised training programs in Sibelius.

Learn to create professional scores, midi-files, sequencing, arranging, composition techniques, and create your own CDs all on Sibelius.

Short courses are available throughout the year for individuals wanting to get the most out of their Sibelius software.

Professional development  programs in Sibelius are available for Primary and Secondary music teachers to enhance their teaching by implementing music technology as part of their curriculum and teaching practice.

For further information on our Sibelius programs call our office on (03) 9310 9532.

2007 Keyboard Scholarships

Applications Closing 23rd March 2007

Applications are now open for Keyboard Scholarships at the Australian Keyboard Academy.

Five scholarships are currently available for students between the ages of 5 to 12 years of age.

The aim of the Keyboard Scholarships is to promote music education amongst students of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander decent and students from lower socio-economic background that would otherwise not have access to music education due to financial   restraint.

A scholarship is also available for a child demonstrating exceptional musical talent.

Applications close 23rd of  March 2007.

Sponsor a Child’s Music Education

It is unfortunate, but music education in Australia has for decades operated on a user-pay basis. Only parents that are able to pay for their child’s instrumental music education will have access to music.

At the Australian Keyboard Academy we are working tirelessly to change this view within the wider community, educational bodies and at a Government level, and we accept and understand this will take time.

In order to start making a  difference, the Australian   Keyboard Academy have set up a number of scholarships which are available for students that would otherwise not have the opportunity to learn music.

We encourage others in the community to sponsor a child’s music education and make a dramatic difference in a child’s life.

All sponsors will have a Scholarship in their name.

For further information on how you can sponsor a child’s music education or for a scholarship application form, contact our office on (03) 9310 9532 or visit our website.


2005 National Review of School
Music Education

In 2005 the Australian Government Department of Education Science and Training commissioned a report on the status of music education in Australian schools.

The report revealed a number of key recommendations for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary music teaching in  Australia. Below are some of the findings:

“While there are examples of excellent music education in schools, many Australian students miss out on effective music education because of the lack of equity of access; lack of quality of provision; and, the poor status of music in many schools” (Pascoe et al; 2005:V).

Secondary pre-service teacher education programmes need to address: “Clearer understanding of how young adolescents learn music; having specific skills in classroom planning, teaching and assessing music to implement the Guidelines for Effective Music Education; the need for broader, more inclusive repertoire; and the need for a focus on different kinds of music knowledge including a broader range of instruments and more attention given to music technology, composition and improvisation” (Pascoe et al; 2005:115).

I strongly recommend all music educators, parents, and tertiary music students to read a copy of this report. Overall, the report highlights the urgent need for action by all involved in music education. I personally concur with the issues and recommendations raised in the report, and believe if we “educators” do not act immediately in raising the status of music education, there lies a high risk that the need for  music education in Australia could diminish forever.

Pascoe, R., Leong, S., MacCallum, J., Mackinlay, E., Marsh, K., Smith, B., Church, T., and Winterton, A. (2005). National Review of School Music Education: Augmenting the diminished. Australian Government Department of Education, Science and Training.

Donate Unwanted Keyboards

“Give and make a difference to a Child’s life”

If you have keyboards you no longer need or use why not donate them to the Australian Keyboard Academy? We guarantee all donated keyboards will be provided to students that would otherwise not have  access to a keyboard and to Primary and Secondary Schools for all students to benefit from.

You can also donate your  unwanted music books and CD’s to the Australian Keyboard Academy. All donated music books and CD’s will be located in our library for all in the Academy to access.

Your Contribution will be greatly appreciated.

To donate your keyboard, books and CD’s contact our office on (03)93109532 or email: donate@auskeyboardacademy.com.au