Good Friday Appeal 2009

GFA Cheque Presenters at the Etihad Stadium live on Channel 7

The 2009 Good Friday Appeal Concert was the biggest piano-keyboard concert to date.  Almost 100 performers performed ranging from 2 years of age to adult learners.

Congratulations to all performers the concert was a great success raising a total of $1,750.00 for the Good Friday Appeal.

The afternoon was filled with lots of surprises the biggest was the appearance of Santa Claus who brought Easter Eggs for everyone and even performed Jingle Bells much to everyone’s amazement!

The concert concluded with trophy presentations for all performers and the prestigious Junior and Senior Student of the Year Awards.

There was much excitement for the lucky six cheque presenters.

Congratulations to Emily Buttigieg, Janelle-Ann Mendoza, Justin and Brandon Cassar, Annalisa Fernandez and Rohan Jacobs who were selected to represent the Australian Keyboard Academy students at the Etihad Stadium Good Friday Appeal Cheque Presentation.

The GFA 2009 Performers Trophy Award.

The AKA would like to thank Jac Flechter from the Good Friday Appeal, ResCom Real Estate for arranging the Community Notice Board, Jack Tamer from LG and Di Caprio Family Restaurant for their raffle items, McDonald’s Delahey for the Food Vouchers and Marino Bros for their generous donation.


Junior Student of the Year

Congratulations to Melissa Bodilly 2008/2009 Junior student of the year. Melissa was the first student to undertake her piano exam and is currently preparing for her first grade piano exam in June. Melissa also learns to play the Cello.


On March 21 the Mozartini Orchestra performed at Keilor Centro Shopping Centre as part of Cultural Diversity Week in Brimbank. The Mozartini Orchestra put on an amazing 30 minute show dazzling on-lookers with their first public performance of Waltzing Matilda and the Australian National Anthem. Each performer dressed in their National Costume.

Mozartini Orchestra Performers (Left to Right)
Noah Mesghun (from Africa), Vanessa Liao (Malaysia), Rebecca Galea (Malta), Olivia Capitanio (Italy), Olivia Dicocco (Australia), Briana Stewart-Hatfield (Ireland), and Rohan Jacobs (India).


GFA 2009 Performers Trophies and raffles items donated by AKA (Casio CTK800 Keyboard), LG (Hifi System and iPod Docking Station), and Di Caprio Family Restaurant


On April 8, eleven students from the Australian Keyboard Academy did a piano concert in the Starlight Express Room at the Royal Children’s Hospital.

The concert was a great opportunity to celebrate the fundraising efforts of all the students that performed at the Good Friday Appeal concert two days prior.

The event also helped put smiles on the faces of sick children and their parents. Captain Starlight coordinators commented on the amazing talent and welcomed the Australian Keyboard Academy to return for future performances.

Congratulations to all the performers for putting on an amazing show. The performance at the Royal Children’s Hospital will become an annual event for the Australian Keyboard Academy.

Both the Good Friday Appeal Concert and the performance at the Royal Children’s Hospital is a great example of children helping children and  how students commitment to learning music can help other children in our community

Student performers: Vanessa Liao, Rebecca Galea, Olivia Capitanio, Rohan Jacobs, Jakob Kaucki, Justin & Brandon Cassar, Emily Buttigieg, Janelle-Ann Mendoza, Annalisa Fernandez, and Jeremy Boland.


Santa making his unexpected vist at the 2009 GFA piano-keyboard concert. Santa was helping the Easter Bunny deliver Easter Eggs to all the boys and girls.

Lorenzo interviewing Justin (7) and Brandon (9) Cassar before their performance of Oom Pa Pa. Both brothers enjoyed learning to play the piano together.

From left to right: Sandra, Sarah, Gayana, Jeslin. Tayla, and Cherleynah performed a medley of Jingle Bells and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. All performers have only been learning for one term. Congratulations to performers how have just started learning to play the piano and performed at the concert