Funtasia Children’s Festival

On Sunday the 25th October the Mozartini Orchestra performed at the Brimbank Funtasia Children’s Festival part of children’s week. The Mozartini Orchestra performed Twinkle Little Star, Waltzing Matilda, ABC Jackson Five and the Australian National Anthem. Other most recent performances include Keilor Shire Hall (1 November) and the Sacred Heart, Emmaus and Cana Fair (15 November).

The aim of the Mozartini Orchestra is to provide music students from 3  years of age  with   performance opportunities and an ensemble learning environment.

The Mozartini Orchestra was created by Lorenzo Capitanio and is named after the world’s most famous child prodigy Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, which translates to “Little Mozart’s”. If you would like the Mozartini Orchestra to perform at your next festival or public event please contact Lorenzo Capitanio on 9310 9532.


Australia’s Youngest Children’s Orchestra
(3 to 8 years of age)

“Raising awareness and the profile of
music education in children’s lives”

15 November 2009
Sacred Heart – Emmaus – Cana Fair
1 November – Keilor Shire Hall
25 October 2009
Funtasia Children’s Festival
9 August 2009
Highpoint Shopping Centre
July School Holidays
Brimbank Central
21 March 2009
Keilor Centro Shopping Centre


Jeremy Boland

Senior Student of the Year. Completed both his preliminary and first grade piano exams with honours and high distinction.

Joanna Reyes

Senior Student of the Year. Completed both her first and second grade piano exams with honours

Melissa Bodilly

Junior Student of the Year. Completed her first grade piano and preliminary cello exam with honours.

Michaela Duma

Completed both her first and second grade piano exam and third grade flute exam with honours.

Ms Ly Nguyen

Completed her
preliminary piano exam with honours.

Dr Patrick O’Hara

Completed his
preliminary piano exam with honours.

Mrs Rita Borg

Completed her third grade piano exam with honours.

Lauren Letoille,
Janelle-Ann Mendoza and
Jeslin Johnson
all completed both their preliminary and first grade piano exams with honours.
Congratulations to all the 60 students that completed their music

Marjorie Raimundo Completed her preliminary piano exam with high distinction

PIANO FOR LITTLE MOZARTS 3 to 5 years of age

One of the most frequent questions the Academy receive from parents is “At what age can my child start to learn to play the piano?” A. 3 years old.

At the Academy we are proud to be able to provided the opportunity for all in the community to experience learning music. From our Children & Teenage Piano-Guitar programs and Adult Piano-Guitar programs the Academy have a dedicated music program for pre-schoolers aged between 3 – 5 years of age, Piano For Little Mozarts. Our program is the only kind in Australia which includes the opportunity for students to perform in the Mozartini Orchestra, “Australia’s Youngest Children’s Orchestra”. For further information contact Lorenzo on 9310 9532.


CharityEventDateFunds Raised
The Smith FamilySupporting Children in Brimbank13th September 2009$670.00
KidsmartBlue Light – A Child Safety Initiative2009 – 2010$396.00
Good Friday AppealThe Royal Children’s Hospital5th April 2009$1750.00
Bushfire AppealRe-Sound (Musical Instruments)March 20096 Casio Keyboards
2009 Total$2816.00
Grand Total$7651.00


The most significant trend in musical education today is the rapid growth of mature age persons learning a musical instrument. Many adults feel some apprehension at the aspect of learning music, however after the first lesson the old cliché “I’m too old to learn” is forgotten.

It is a fact that adults learn more thoroughly than children do (slower maybe) but retain the knowledge longer. Research tells us that activities such as learning and playing music (piano for example) helps keep our minds active and shows improvement in overall health. The effect on older people particularly in group piano and guitar classes has a positive effect on the ability to cope with the stress of retirement and older age.

The Australian Keyboard Academy adult piano and guitar programs provide a supportive environment, a shared responsibility for learning and a social network for other like-minded individuals. Further details call our office on 9310 9532.


Above: Good Friday Appeal cheque presenters at the Etihad Stadium live on Channel 7.

The 2009 fundraising concert were a great success raising a combined total of $2,816.00  and over 100 performers performing at each concert. Congratulations to all performers and I look forward to ever bigger concerts in 2010.

Registrations are now opened for the 2010 fundraising concerts. To register your child to perform at an Australian Keyboard Academy fundraising concert please complete the performers form available online or from the Academy foyer by the due date. For further details contact our office on 9310 9532