Daffodil Day Fundraising Concert Raised $1,500.00

AKA students holding their certificates and gifts.

Congratulations to all performers at the Daffodil Day Fundraising    Concert on the 17th August 2008. A total of $1,500.00 was raised for The Cancer Council Victoria.

Over 200 people attend the concert at the Starlight Centre in Taylors Lakes and from all feedback the concert was a great success!

All performers received McDonald food vouchers/encouragement awards, a Daffodil Day pen/teddy bear, play for life stickers and a mouse pad.

The concert was a double celebration for Director of the AKA, Lorenzo Capitanio. It was 10 years since  he   was   diagnosed   with testicular cancer and been 10 years since Lorenzo had performed one of his compositions titled Steppin’ Out. The performance was dedicated to the recent passing of his grandfather.

Lorenzo shared the stage with over 60 students from the AKA and his two daughters Olivia, 4, & Talia, 2.

Thank you to Starlight Centre for sponsoring the venue, to John  Kontek Real Estate for sponsoring the three community notice boards and Delahey McDonald’s for providing the food vouchers. Events such as this are only possible with the community support, thank you to all who assisted on the day.

Vanessa, 6, Rebecca, 5, & Olivia, 4, Performing Cuckoo Song.
Daffodil Day Teddy Bear
Brothers Justin and Brandon Cassar performing Jingle Bells.


Left to Right: Patrick O’Hara, Kevin Eeles, Sarah Haley, Bernadette Tonna, & Jarrod Eeles.

The most significant trend in musical education today is the rapid growth of mature age persons learning a music instrument. Many adults feel some apprehension at the aspect of learning music, however after the first lesson the old cliché “I’m too old to learn” is forgotten.

It is a fact that adults learn more thoroughly than children do (slower maybe) but retain the knowledge longer. Research tells us that activities such as learning and playing music (piano for example) helps keep our minds active and shows improvement in overall health. The effect on older
people particularly in groups piano classes has a positive effect on the ability to cope with stress of retirement and older age.

The Australian Keyboard Academy has developed adult tailored piano programs. Our Adult education co-ordinator Catherine Clarke-Jones says, “Adult students are highly motivated, have a greater self-discipline and enthusiasm, and have an expectation on their outcomes. Adult students
re-engage their intellect, muscular memory and auditory senses to satisfy their artistic nature”.

The Australian Keyboard Academy adult piano program provides a supportive environment, a shared responsibility for learning and a social network of other like minded individuals. Private classes run for 30 minutes and group classes run for 45 minutes. Further details go online or call our office on 9310 9532.


Top: Hayley Ationne-Diaz, Tina & Peter Nguyen, Cassandra Razmovska, Jakob Kaucki, Stephan Santilli, Tenique & Shavawn Borg, Emily Buttigieg and Joskun Celebioglu Brianna Stewart-Hatfield, thumbs up for Tailah Moore, Polly Tamer, Darcy Tamer, Noah Mesghun, Rinoa Ha and Natasha Singh, Karolyn Chenh.

Top: Jacklyn Caruana, Janelle-Ann Mendoza, Joanna Reyes, Jeevan Jeganathan, Steven Lam and Jayme Ationne-Diaz.

Below: Promotional Billboard, Lorenzo Capitanio, Shinead Borkovic, Jena-Maree Marino, Allan Joseph and Shanyce Ellawala.


What age can children start to learn the piano?

Depending on the manner and nature of a child, children as young as 3 years learn to read and play music. Coordinator of Early Childhood Education at AKA, Lorenzo Capitanio witnesses every day the benefits of music in young children. Lorenzo states, “for some unexplained phenomenon children under the age of 5 years learn to play piano easier than a beginner child twice their age and in some cases learn more advance piano works”. The AKA provide piano classes specifically for children under the age of 5 years and Lorenzo welcomes the opportunity to discuss how music education can play an important part in your child’s and family life. For further information visit our website or call our office on 9310 9532.